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7 Things You Should Know About Website Monitoring

The only thing worse than your website being down is your website being down and you not knowing it. It’s no surprise that a website uptime monitoring service alerts you when downtime is experienced on your site, but there are many benefits you may not realize without seeing a monitoring service operate behind the scenes. An uptime monitoring service like Pingometer becomes your best friend, especially if you are running a start-up or depend on your website for revenue, conversion, readers, feedback or promotion of your brand… or any other reason you may own a website.

The Backup To Your Backup Plan

Having security on your website will not stop all downtime. As much as we would all like to avoid it, your site will eventually go black. Whether it’s a security breech, hardware or network failure, or a crash because of too much traffic, downtime is inevitable. Pingometer is the backup to your backup plan. When your security or IT team has a misstep, Pingometer make you aware.

Alert When You’re Not

Most corporations, even large ones, do not have someone monitoring, refreshing and improving the company website 24/7 365 days a year. That’s where Pingometer monitoring comes in; we’re the cheapest, most efficient employee you’ll ever hire. When you’re on vacation, sleeping or just running your business, Pingometer is checking your site every 60 seconds to make sure all is well. If you receive an alert from us, it’s time to act. Not only will Pingometer alert you immediately if downtime or a threatening error message is detected, we’ll alert only the team members you approve.

Because You Don’t Travel the World…

Pingometer does. We have more than 50 monitors across the globe monitoring your website. We don’t expect you to know when your website is down in Australia, Germany or Japan, so we make it easy. Pingometer monitoring locations and detailed geographical reports provide information on how your international visitors experience your site.

Don’t Wait For The Crash

If Pingometer’s only service was to alert you when your site goes done, that alone would be invaluable, but the information you receive from the Pingometer team allows you to better your website before the crash. Our detailed reports allow you to see upload times, response times, how your site reacts in peak traffic hours and much more. With this information, you can make changes and updates as needed to prevent site downtime.

The Bottom Line

Do you know how much money you lose every minute your website is down? Now imagine that your website is down for hours before someone on your team realizes it. Scary thought, we know, but Pingometer’s guaranteed alerts allow you to respond to website challenges often before your customers are even aware something is wrong. Pingometer helps you save your bottom line by limiting lost revenue, making your marketing dollars count and saving your brand reputation.

You’re On The Go

And so is Pingometer. Because there is no hardware or specific location where you must login to receive your detailed reports, you can take Pingometer anywhere your phone or laptop can go. Your office isn’t always at a desk, so we adapt with you. Receive text messages about your website, check into your account anywhere you have internet access and communicate with our tech specialists 24/7.

It’s Easy and It’s Free

Still not convinced you’re ready to spend less on website downtime monitoring than you do for lattés each week? Then we’ll let you try it for free. Take 60 seconds to sign up and we’ll take it from there. No hardware, no difficult sign-ups and no credit cards.