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Best time for planned website maintenance

The best part about planned website downtime is that it’s planned. You have control over the day and time that you’ll be temporarily inaccessible to your customers. You may take a look at your website statistics to decide when is a best time for your outage, which should definitely be a part of the process. We’re going to give you a few more tips to consider when planning your website maintenance.

When is it time for web work?

You may need to make regular updates to your servers or the website itself, which call for planned web maintenance. However, there are other issues that may cause you to take a second look at your site’s performance and determine if updates or adjustments are needed. The speed of your website load time may be affecting your viewer’s experience. Don’t assume because the site loads quickly on your device that everyone on your site has the same experience. A good way to determine the speed of your site is through the detailed reports offered by Pingometer.

While Pingometer will certainly alert you when you have website downtime, we’ll also help you better your digital strategy through detailed reports each month that show trends in availability and performance, or response time. See how your website performs when traffic peaks, and how online shoppers from different parts of the world experience your website. After you’ve determined you’ll need planned downtime, now you need to decide when an outage will least affect your customers.

Volume and sales

You’re probably aware of your website analytics data, including the time of day when your website sees the most traffic, but what about your sales volume? When you’re considering a planned website maintenance time, make sure you know when your customers are spending money on your site. Maintenance to your site should be off limits during both traffic and sales peak times.

Avoid the error message

No matter how much planning and communicating your put forth with your customers, online users will inevitably attempt to visit your site during downtime. Because you know the emails, phone calls and social media messages are coming, plan ahead and create a specific message or splash page for your website during the downtime. Your customers want to see more than an “error 404” message. Let them know that the site is under maintenance and give an estimated time when they can expect things to be back to normal.

Avoid unexpected downtime

Maintenance is needed to keep your site running smoothly. However, unplanned downtime can leave you and your customers frustrated, it can damage your SEO ranking and harm your brand. When you experience website downtime, you will immediately be notified by Pingometer’s team, allowing you to reach your customers before they even realize there is an issue with the site. Get started for free today.