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How Downtime Affects Your SEO Strategy

When it comes to website monitoring, many website owners are curious to know how downtime affects their SEO strategy. Search Engine Optimization is how Google chooses to rank certain websites in its search results. Certain keywords and speed metrics will determine where a website stands in the world of SEO. Yet, other factors, including downtime, can play a role in the results as well.

Minimal Downtime Is Negligible

A certain level of downtime is unavoidable. Most websites are lucky if they reach 99% uptime. That still leaves over three and a half days a year of downtime. Fortunately, the occasional outage won’t affect a website’s rankings on Google. If your website is offline more often than most, then you’ll start to have a problem.

Don’t Make It a Habit

Unreliable websites will not rank high in Google’s search results. Google uses a series of algorithms to search through millions of websites in the blink of an eye. If these search engine spiders discover that your site is down, they will move onto the next search result. If your website goes down consistently, Google will flag your website as unreliable. Google does its best to prevent unavailable websites from appearing at the top of the list. If users click on nonexistent websites, it then begins to reflect poorly on Google.

Talk to Your Web Host

Web hosts cause a majority of site outages. If your site is experiencing some technical difficulties, it might be time for an upgrade. Alert your web host of any problems that you’re experiencing. If they don’t fix the problem after a short while, try finding a web host that cares about the success of your website.

Invest in Website Monitoring

Running a successful SEO strategy goes hand-in-hand with website monitoring. If your site is slow, unresponsive, or completely unavailable to users, Google will punish you with a lower search ranking. If you’re about to spend thousands of dollars on a rigorous SEO strategy, you need to invest in a website monitoring service as well.

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