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Even the World’s Top Companies are Vulnerable to Website Downtime

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times – your website, no matter the size or profitability of your company, will experience downtime. If you’re lucky, the only real downtime you’ll see is planned maintenance, but in today’s technologically based world, that’s not likely the case. To prove it, we’re taking a look at some of the world’s most popular, profitable and digitally intelligent companies, and how it affected each of them the day(s) their websites went dark.


The day of the Digital Apocalypse, umm, we mean, the day Facebook experienced a 40 minute outage, September 28, 2015, was the second significant downtime occurrence in a seven day period for the social media giant. Online users nearly lost their minds when, instead of a streaming flow of photos, dancing baby videos and news updates, they saw this message:

“Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.”

If you were in shock and dismay, imagine what shareholders were thinking as stocks dropped 4 percent during the downtime. Suffice it to say, the geniuses behind Facebook quickly tackled the issue and online peace was restored.


In 2013, Amazon lost nearly $2 million when the website crashed for roughly 30 minutes. Yes, you read that correctly. downtime cost the company $66,240 per minute, based on 2012 net sales. Imagine the frustration from customers when, rather than finding the perfect pair of shoes or bestselling book, they found:

“Oops! We’re very sorry, but we’re having trouble doing what you just asked us to do. Please give us another chance–click the Back button on your browser and try your request again. Or start from the beginning on our homepage.”

While your website downtime may not cost $2 million per half hour, it’s important to note that if these online mega-stars can experience digital darkness, your business is certainly not invincible. And let’s be clear, immediate action by each company quickly addressed the issue, customers were clearly told what happened and both Facebook and Amazon rebounded quite well. The point that should not be overlooked is that a website monitoring company like Pingometer has the power to warn you when error messages are delivered on your site, page load times are slower that users expect or a complete site crash occurs. With Pingometer, you’ll know about the problem within moments, so you can address the issue with speed and have your website operational again before revenue, reputation and valuable search engine ranking space is lost.