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How to Increase your Website Traffic for Free

Countless managers and business owners spend a great amount of money attempting to launch their website through complex advertising campaigns. The truth is, a lack of funds shouldn’t be a setback to your company’s growth as there are numerous ways to get visitors to your website without spending a dime.

Register your Website

When people search for your business online, they should see a map, address, website and phone number for your company. All you have to do is register your company with Google Places. As with Google Places, Yahoo! Local lists and maps businesses within its platform. Verify your company with Yahoo! Local. A third major search console, Microsoft’s Bing Business Portal, also offers contact information for those searching for your company.

Link for Link

Contact businesses within your industry, those that you don’t compete with, and offer to add a link from your website to theirs within a blog, contact page or other content and ask if they’ll do the same.

Find your Audience

Visit blogs, forums or social media pages where your target audience gathers to engage. There is a warning for this tactic: be engaging and helpful, not annoying and sales-pitchy. Engage with the people commenting on posts or blogs, and, when appropriate, mention your website or social media platform for others to visit.

Be Social

If you’re not on Facebook and Twitter, we’re going to help you lift away the rock from your hiding place. You need to be on social media – plain and simple. That’s not to say you need to pay to advertise on these outlets, although some companies do find great success in that space, but you need to engage and interact with customers, clients and potential consumers.

Use Keywords and Phrases

Use free online tools, like Google Trends, to see what your target audience is searching for online. Use that information in the content on your website. From blogs to page descriptors, use keywords and phrases to elevate your SEO rankings and pull in new web visitors.

Whatever types of free marketing and advertising you decide to use for your website, be sure to incorporate ad tracking software. With ad tracking, you’ll be able to track where your visitors are coming from, and where you should spend more time promoting your website.