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Make Pingometer Dashboards Work For Your Site

Take a look at your web traffic to determine how your site is performing, compared to how it could be running. Just because your site is upg, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s performing at its best. How many unique visitors come to your site each day? Do you know where in the world your web viewers live and which browser your average web customer uses to access your site? Trust us, you’re definitely not alone if you’re eyes glazed over a little when you read those questions. Many business owners don’t have time to delve into the analytics of web traffic, despite knowing that it would help develop a better digital presence. Like you, they’re busy…running a business. Allow Pingometer to make it easy for you.

Reading The Reports

If there’s a way to find a solution before the problem gets out of hand, that’s what Pingometer dashboards are all about. You can depend on Pingometer for reports that detail historical uptimes, response time, browser and geography metrics and much more. With Pingometer detailed reports, you’re able to see which web pages on your site are performing slowly, sending error messages or simply not responding at all. We know that website improvement doesn’t begin with a complete crash, that’s why your reports will include average uptime and speed metrics across all monitors.

Understanding the Reports

Once you start receiving the reports, you may have a few questions regarding the terms. Here’s a breakdown of the basic terms you’ll see on Pingometer dashboards.

  • Uptime – the percentage of time your site was up and available.
  • Outages/Downtime – the number of times your site experiences an outage of any kind.
  • Response Time – the average amount of time it takes your site to respond to the server.
  • Failed Checks – the number of times the website fails to respond when Pingometer tries to access your website.
  • Page Download – average time it takes for your website pages to download.
  • DNS Lookup – the amount of time it takes Pingometer to get a reply from the DNS lookup process.
  • Acting On The Reports

    Once you receive the reports each month, you can decide if there are any areas of your site that call for immediate attention. You may notice the page load times are extremely high, prompting you to examine the script and images on those pages to see how to minimize the page size for a better user experience.

    Pingometer’s tools are designed with you and your business in mind. Being proactive to any potential risks is our specialty. If we can help you prevent a slow website or complete crash, that is our first priority.