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Are Ads Slowing Down Your Website?

Hosting ads can be tricky territory for most website owners. Unfortunately, we all have to make money in this world and ads can be a sizable source of income for many websites. Yet, ads can also slow down a website’s load time significantly. What’s a website owner to do? On the one hand, you need to earn a living, while on the other hand, you don’t want to slow down your website so much so that you’re actually turning your customers away. A slow loading website can be the nail on the coffin for some users who simply don’t have the patience to wait for obnoxious ads. Luckily, there’s a way to keep your website in the fast lane without giving up on ad revenue completely.

Finding a Happy Medium

Using ads on your website is all about balance. Incorporating ads from multiple sources on a single page will drastically impair your website’s speed. Instead, try only using one ad source per page. If there’s an ad on your website that isn’t generating money, you’ll be better off without it. The key is not more ads, it’s high-quality ads that are strategically placed.

Focus On Your Customers

News flash: your customers hate ads too. If you can’t decide whether or not to remove an ad from your website, think about your customers’ experience. Make sure that all of your pages are loading at an acceptable speed. If it gets to the point where the ads are dominating the users’ experience, it’s time to start cutting back. Too many ads can be a sign of a poorly run website. Give your customers more reasons to love your site and limit the number of ads to one per page.

Track Your Speed with Website Monitoring

If you’re not sure whether or not ads are slowing down your website, you need to sign up for website monitoring. Programs like Pingometer allow you to monitor your website’s speed continuously. If you’ve just put ads on your site, you can stay on top of its load time with website monitoring.

Take control of your website’s performance with website monitoring from Pingometer.

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How Discount Sale Prices Can Lead to Downtime and How to Prevent It

Discount prices can be a major boost for your site’s visibility. Black Friday sales usually lead to a 200% jump in online traffic for retailers. Yet, all of those additional server requests can overwhelm the system, leading to outages and downtime at the most inopportune moment. If you’re preparing to launch a massive sale on your eCommerce website, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to deal with the increase in traffic. The last thing you want is to have your site crash in the middle of a promotional giveaway. Even if your website is relatively new, you need to plan for a surge in traffic to prevent downtime at all costs.

Get Your Team In Place

It’s time to gear up for the moment of truth. You and your team will need to work in unison to make sure that your sale goes over without a hitch. If your website has just gotten off the ground, a surge in traffic might catch you and your team off guard. Tell everyone to stand by as the traffic starts to roll in. Keep your eyes on the checkout line. Any disruptions to service are likely to happen at the end of the user’s experience when everyone is trying to pay at the same time.

Optimize Beforehand

Make sure that your website is as fast as possible before the madness begins. That means downsizing images, removing any broken links, and deleting any redundancies in your code. The faster your site is beforehand the better off you’ll be.

Talk to Your Web Host

Most outages are caused by poor web hosting services. If you’re about to go into sale mode, tell your web host that you’re expecting an increase in traffic. Assume that your traffic will increase by at least 300% just to be safe. Your web host can allocate more resources to your website to help the network carry the load.

You can’t run a sale without a website monitoring service. If you’re expecting a spike in traffic for any reason, you need to have a website monitoring service in place to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Get excited about your increase in traffic with the website monitoring services from Pingometer.

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Using Website Monitoring to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing can be hit-or-miss for most companies. Even the best marketing strategies can go awry. But how do you know if your marketing strategy is working? With so many different ways to market your products and services, keeping track of your efforts can be a daunting task. Without a website monitoring service, your marketing efforts will feel like a shot in the dark as you wait for your sales to increase. Learn how to make the most out of your marketing strategy with the all the insight of website monitoring.

Finding Your Audience

Website monitoring can be a great way to discover new audiences. If you try a new hashtag on Instagram or if you upload a new video to YouTube, you can track the success of your marketing efforts in real time. If you strike the right note, you’ll see a surge in traffic on your website. If your efforts aren’t working, you can try to appeal to your audience in different ways.

Breaking the Mold

No one got anywhere by playing it safe. With free marketing tools like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at your disposal, you can try new ways of reaching of people. Be bold with your marketing efforts and watch the effects on your website monitoring service. You can experiment with different tones, images, and ideas with the click of a button. If something doesn’t work out, at least you know not to do it again.

Divide and Conquer

Marketing has become a multi-tiered process. There are dozens of effective ways to reach your audience. When you’re just starting out, it’s best to try as many different marketing outlets as possible. You can reach one group of people with an email marketing campaign, another with social media, and even more people with paid advertisements. Website monitoring will give you a better understanding of why certain methods are working better than others. Once you have a successful marketing strategy in place, you can kick things into high gear and continue to reel in customers.

Enhance your marketing efforts with the website monitoring services from Pingometer. When it comes to self-promotion, it always helps to have more information than less.

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Knowing When to Upgrade Your Free Website Monitoring Plan

The Internet is full of companies that offer free website monitoring plans. If you’ve just launched your first website, a free monitoring plan is probably your best option. Nothing too fancy, it’s just a quick way to monitor your website’s activity. But if your website becomes popular, you’ll need to think about making an upgrade. The more traffic your website gets the more responsibility you have to keep it online. Learn about the benefits of upgrading your free website monitoring plan and say hello to the future.

Bringing People Together

Advanced website monitoring plans are designed for multiple users. As your online company grows, you’ll start bringing in more talent to help with your website’s operations. Most free monitoring plans only allow for one user and one contact. If there’s more than one person behind the controls, it’s time to make an upgrade. With an advanced plan, you can send smart alerts to multiple team members, more users will be able to log on when something goes wrong with your site, and you’ll be able to communicate as a team more effectively.

Spreading the Word

Building an audience online is every website owner’s goal. You tweet, post, blog and promote your website as much as you can until the clicks start rolling in. Once they do, you’ll have loyal users all over the country, if not all over the world. Advanced website monitoring plans allow you to track your users’ experience from multiple locations. If you grow a following on the West Coast and the East Coast or overseas, you should strongly consider upgrading your plan so that you can track your website’s performance all over the world.

Expanding Your Website

A single website is fairly easy to monitor, especially one with a simple design and few features. But a website can be a launching pad to so many other opportunities such as an app, an online store, or a video library. Free website monitoring plans only let you add one monitor, any website or application that you want to keep track of. If your website is expanding with new tools and features, you should opt in for at least a few extra monitors. If your website becomes insanely popular, you might need all the monitors you can get.

Pingometer has a range of monitoring plans including small, medium, large and x-large to accommodate online companies of all different sizes. You can also design your own monitoring strategy with our custom enterprise plans. Contact us today to learn more.

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How Website Monitoring Improves Customer Service

Providing quality customer service is an integral part of running a business. Treat your customers well and they will reward you. So what do your customers want to see? They want your website to be as efficient as possible. There’s only one way to make sure that your customers are enjoying a smooth online experience and that is to monitor your website. A quality website monitoring service allows you to track everything that your customers are doing on your website. You can use that information to make improvements so that you can deliver an effective web browsing experience.

Meeting Customer Expectations

Your customers want your website to be fast. That includes a speedy response time, load time, buffer time for videos, and an accelerated checkout process. You won’t know what your customers are experiencing unless you have a way to monitor your website’s performance. Studies show that users expect a website to load in two seconds or less. You can improve your website’s speed by optimizing your content and tracking the results on your monitoring service. Give the people what they want and make your website as fast as possible.

Being a Responsible Website Owner

As you develop an audience online, your users will start to depend on your website. If and when something goes wrong with your website, it’s your job to fix the problem as fast as humanly possible. How will you know if your website is offline if you don’t have a website monitoring service? More downtime leads to poor customer service. Be a responsible website owner and keep your website online with a monitoring service.

Building a Reputation That You Can Be Proud Of

Downtime, a delay in services, and lengthy load time can damage your company’s reputation for years to come. Your customers will not be amused if they can’t access their favorite website for long periods of time. You can build a strong reputation online by being a stickler for fast loading pages, continuous uptime and all-around stellar customer support.

Expect more from your website and your customers will thank you. Get all the quality satisfaction you need with a website monitoring plan from Pingometer.

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