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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Web Host for Website Monitoring

Most web hosts will offer their clients access to a free website monitoring service. As convenient as this sounds and despite saving a little extra money every month, using your web host as a website monitoring service creates a myriad of complications. Here are the three main reasons why you should never use a web host for website monitoring.

1. Your Web Host Could Skew the Results In Their Favor

As part of their hosting services, web hosts promise their customers a certain amount of uptime, usually around 99%. If your website was down more than 1% of the time, you might be entitled to some form of financial reimbursement. After all, the web host didn’t keep their end of the bargain. If you use the same web host to track your website’s uptime, how would you know if the results were accurate? The web host has an incentive for telling you that your website is up and running 100% of the time.

2. A Third-Party Website Monitoring Service Keeps Your Web Host Honest

If you suspect that your website has been down for more time than was reported to you, you would need a way to prove it. A third-party website monitoring service is unbiased when it comes to tracking uptime and downtime. You can use an uptime report from a third-party website monitoring service as evidence that your web host failed to uphold their end of the agreement. This creates a system of checks and balances for your web host. You can rest assured that every time you check a third-party website monitoring service that the results will be accurate and fair-minded.

3. Less Risk If Your Web Host Crashes

When your website goes down, the first place to look is your web host. Database issues, a slow server connection, or a power outage can all cause your web host to go offline. If you’re also using your web host to monitor your website, you’d be completely in the dark. Until your web host comes back online, you’d have no way of knowing the status of your website. Adding a third-party website monitoring service mitigates your risk. If and when your website crashes, you’d always have access to a third-party monitoring service that will tell you whether or not your website is online.

Pingometer is a superior website monitoring service that tracks your website’s performance from over 12 different countries from around the world. They offer smart alerts, 100% accuracy on all reports, and 24/7 access. Protect your website from downtime with a third-party website monitoring service.

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Importance of Website Monitoring While Running Marketing Campaigns

Digital and Internet marketing is an investment in your company. You’ve likely poured over the numbers of your gross income, complete marketing budget, and Internet marketing budget to decide how to invest your money back into your company. Once you have come up with a digital marketing budget, you then spend time, or perhaps hire someone to spend their time, delving into the online avenues that are most likely to bring in new customers and give you a good return on your money.

After all that is said and done, your award-winning Internet marketing plan is in place. Then you might discover that your business is experiencing website downtime, which likely puts the vision of money going done the drain into your head. How long has your site been down? How many customers have you lost? How much money has been wasted on marketing campaigns pushing potential customers to a website they can’t even see?

While Pingometer can’t solve all of your business difficulties, we can certainly get you on track to know the moment a problem is detected with your website to ensure your business experiences as little website downtime as possible.

Website Downtime is the Marketing Budget Buster

Think of all the ways you market your business. It’s safe to say the majority of those advertisements, in some way, push the viewer, reader or listener to your website. Are you spending marketing dollars on:

  • Direct mail
  • TV, radio or print advertisements
  • Social media campaigns
  • Pay-per-click ads
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • If you are in any way pushing customers or potential customers to your website, you must know the importance of having a website uptime monitoring system. Pingometer is a partner in helping you prevent lost revenue, damage to your brand image and loss of consumer loyalty. With the time and money you have invested in your marketing and website, Pingometer services is a no-brainer when you consider the potential loss by not having a website monitoring service.

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    Top 5 Benefits of a Website Uptime Monitor

    When your business’ website is down, every second counts. Getting back up and running not only reconnects you to your revenue stream, but it also reunifies you to the digital world of customers, clients and search engines.

    When you’re considering a website uptime monitor company, there are five tools you should be offered. You will find that Pingometer, widely accepted as the top website monitor company, not only offers the five essential tools you will need, but they also offer detailed reports that will help you build your customer base and create strategic plans for the future of your company.

    Constant Coverage
    It’s not enough to monitor your website a few times a day to ensure it’s operating properly, and Pingometer understands this. You need 24/7 coverage that allows you to work worry free when it comes to the digital portion of your business. Pingometer runs on your schedule. You choose how often, from every one to 30 minutes, you would like your site monitored.

    Multiple Locations
    Just because your website is running smoothly on the computer in your office, doesn’t mean everyone worldwide is having the same success. Your website uptime monitor company should have the availability to monitor your site from different locations across the globe. Pingometer offers 12 different locations to confirm that your website is running properly for visitors in any part of the world.

    When it comes to your business, revenue and reputation, anything less than 100 percent accuracy from your website uptime monitoring company simply isn’t acceptable. If something goes wrong with your website, Pingometer makes multiple checks of the reported issue. We’ll confirm and reconfirm that the challenge is valid. With our 100 percent accuracy check, you can guarantee that if you receive an alert from Pingometer, it’s time to take action.

    Smart Alerts
    The best way to get in touch with you when your website is down is the only method that should be used. Pingometer allows you to customize who you would like us to reach and how we should reach them the moment downtime is noticed. We’ll use emails, text messages, phone calls, Twitter DMs or webhooks to reach you or the group you specify.

    Detailed Reports

    If all you get from your website uptime monitor company is a phone call when things go wrong, you’re in desperate need of an upgrade. You can depend on Pingometer for reports that detail historical uptimes, response time, browser and geography metrics and much more. We know that website improvement doesn’t begin with a complete crash, that’s why your reports will include average uptime and speed metrics across all monitors.

    Considering a website uptime monitoring company like Pingometer will allow a trustworthy third party to monitor your website around the clock so you can keep your focus exactly where it should be, on building your business.

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    3 Things Website Downtime Will Cost You (Other Than Cash)

    It’s inevitable. At some point every business’ website will experience downtime. Whether the unavailability comes from a server crash or planned maintenance, it’s wise to consider how to ensure you experience minimal damage during the website outage, as you would do with any other avenue of your business.

    Think about it this way, you insure the building you work in, or you protect your assets if you own a website-based company. Why would you not protect the tool that connects you with your clients and customers 24/7? Beyond the revenue you lose when your site experiences downtime, there are three main ways downtime can negatively impact your company.

    Customer satisfaction rates plummet
    When you have prolonged periods of downtime, your customers are not only unable to spend their money with you, but they’ll also be the first to negatively rate or comment about your business online. Consider your reviews on websites like Yelp, Google and Facebook — when customers can’t access your site, they can likely access sites to warn thousands of other potential customers of your faulty website. Which leads us directly into the second area of your business negatively affected by website downtime …

    Harm to brand perception
    The thought of damage to your brand should be frightening, especially if you’re a startup, because you only get one chance to make a good first impression. If your website is down when first-time customers visit, they’re not likely to return. What’s worse, those potential customers have nothing but a red flag in mind when they think about your business and will likely share that perspective with others.

    Loss of SEO ranking

    You likely spend a considerable amount of money marketing your business online through different Search Engine Optimization tools. Whether it’s Google AdWords, writing online articles targeted at specific key words or retargeting your potential customers through PPC ads, digital marketing can get pricey. Depending on the length and frequency of your website downtime, Google could quickly decide to replace your ranking with another, more reliable website.

    Considering a website uptime monitoring company like Pingometer will allow a trustworthy third party to monitor your website around the clock so you can keep your focus exactly where it should be, on building your business. Pingometer doesn’t just visit your homepage to make sure the words and graphics appear. Pingometer, widely considered the top uptime website monitor, offers around-the-clock coverage. You choose how often you would like your website monitored and Pingometer takes it from there. With more than 12 locations worldwide, alerts directed to employees of your choosing, detailed reports and more, you can’t afford not to have Pingometer on your team. Pingometer ensures your customers are accessing your website at all times and allows you to run your business with less worry.

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    How Long Does It Take to Lose a Customer to Website Downtime?

    It doesn’t take an entire website crash for your customers to have a negative experience. Slow upload times, payment processing times and numerous error messages can leave your customers feeling doubtful about your brand.

    It’s a matter of seconds

    Here’s the bottom line: According to, a recent study suggests about half of online customers expect a website to load within two seconds. Nearly 40 percent of those digital shoppers will leave the site if it doesn’t load within three seconds.

    The same study reveals the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Almost half of web shoppers say they would tell a friend if they had a bad experience at a retail website. It’s easy to see that the negative reviews from consumers who have tried and abandoned your website can have just as much, if not more, of an impact on your business than a positive referral.

    Survey your speed

    If your website isn’t performing the way it should be, you’re losing money, readers and web search status. So how can you ensure you don’t have website downtime that disrupts the flow of browsing or shopping for your customers? That’s where Pingometer steps in.

    While Pingometer will certainly alert you when you have website downtime, we’ll also help you better your digital strategy through detailed reports each month that show trends in availability and performance, or response time. See how your website performs when traffic peaks, and how online shoppers from different parts of the world experience your website.

    Beyond the numbers

    Once you receive your detailed reports from Pingometer, you have insight into where your website needs improvement. While website downtime can be detrimental, you also need to concentrate on decreasing load times. Pingometer’s detailed reports allow you to be aware of pages that may need to have images compressed or of a need to reduce code to allow the page to load faster.

    You trust Pingometer to alert you when your website experiences downtime, but a large part of our service is making you aware of performance issues. Take advantage of our 24/7 website monitoring services with one flat fee, no contracts and around the clock support.

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