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Simple Ways To Improve Your SEO Ranking

It’s every company’s dream – to be the number one search result when customers Google a term related to your business. There’s a lot of work that goes into bettering Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and you’ll find countless articles and how-to guides when it comes to improving your SEO. In fact, much of the advice you find online may be true, but because Google, and other large search engines regularly change algorithms for how they rank websites, the best way to better your SEO is through targeted content and consistency.

Be Detailed

Specifically tell your customers what it is you do, what your company has to offer and why your product or service makes their lives better. Being good at many things can have its advantages, but not on your website. Keep it simple, clutter free and clear. You don’t want to overload your homepage with so much information or complex graphics that your load time drags, causing potential customers to leave your site. Get a glimpse into problematic areas of your site with Pingometer reports that detail historical uptimes, response time, browser and geography metrics and much more.

Website Uptime Monitoring Service

You likely spend a considerable amount of money marketing your business online through different Search Engine Optimization tools. Whether it’s Google AdWords, writing online articles targeted at specific key words, or retargeting your potential customers through PPC ads, digital marketing can get pricey. Depending on the length and frequency of your website downtime, Google could quickly decide to replace your ranking with another, more reliable website.

The number one way to ensure your website is live and accessible is to act proactively against potential problems that could cause partial or complete website downtime. Pingometer provides reports to be pro-active in bettering your site to avoid a crash, or to simply better the user experience by looking into content that may be causing slow load times or creating a potential area for hackers to access your site.

Optimize Images

It likely comes natural to think of how to optimize your written content for SEO rankings, but your photos are also skimmed by search engines as well. Make sure you’re including a detailed description of the photo within the ALT text option. In addition, use keywords within the photo title and be sure to include your company name and any descriptors possible within the image caption box.

Considering a website uptime monitoring company like Pingometer, will allow a trustworthy third party to monitor your website around the clock so you can keep your focus exactly where it should be, on building your business.